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Welcome to the official page of International Pro Elite the premiere professional natural bodybuilding organization!


Through our global affiliates seek to improve the health, awareness, and quality of drug free competitive bodybuilding while maintaining the integrity of this great sport.


We share an unwavering dedication to the growth, education, awareness and proliferation of competitive drug free bodybuilding on a global scale.


It is our mission to ensure drug free athletes are provided the opportunity to compete with other natural athletes, that they are judged fairly and are rewarded for their efforts.


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**Update as of 3/13/20**

As the leader in natural bodybuilding and an advocate of a healthy lifestyle,  the International Pro Elite Federation (IPE) have the health of our competitors, spectators and staff at highest priority (hence our relentless pursuit of the drug-free lifestyle).  The COVID-19 has everyone on high alert and we are monitoring this very closely.  We have been in constant conversations with our partners, experts and the facilities that we host our natural bodybuilding competitions at to make sure we have the lowest risk of any illnesses being spread.


IPE competitions are a "running" format and live judging, which means the crowd density and total competition time per category is much less than a traditional "all day" physique competition.  Additionally, precautions will be undertaken during setup, check-in and backstage during the competition.  We will adhere within best practices per the Centers for Disease Control (https://www.cdc.gov), including practicing good hygiene, keeping spaces well ventilated, disinfected surfaces, clean facilities and supplies.  Rest assured, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep communications high with our venues and do everything available to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our competitors for their competition this season and in the future.