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In this class the emphasis is symmetry and proportional muscle and this will take priority in judging this class rather than size or extreme condition.




This division consists of Group Comparisons, Individual Presentations and Overall Comparisons (if needed).


Pro Men’s Physique competitors wear black spandex shorts with no logos, are shirtless and there is no footwear.



Competitors will be judged on balance, shape and proportion. Structure should be aesthetically pleasing in both front, side and rear poses. The Ideal physique will display an aesthetically proportioned muscular “X” frame silhouette, highlighted by a small waist.


Men’s Classic Physique Poses consist of:

Front Double Bicep – Set and squeeze legs. Raise both elbows above the shoulders while supinating the wrists and squeezing the biceps. Roll arms back slightly to delineate the biceps and triceps.


Side Chest (Left/Right) – Set legs by spiking calf, squeezing the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Bring right or left arm into bicep with palm up clasping wrist. Bring shoulder around slightly squeezing the chest. Don’t bring shoulder too far around. Keep upper and lower body tight. Keep chest high and abs vacuumed or flexed.


Rear Double Bicep – Facing the rear of the stage with one leg extended back, spike calf. With elbows higher than the shoulders, supinate the wrists and squeeze biceps bringing out the lat flare while keeping the chest high being careful not to round out the back.


Hands Behind Head Abdominal – Set and squeeze legs. Bring hands up behind head and crunch down on the abs.


Favorite Classic Pose - (Overhead Victory, Vacuum pose) *No Most Muscular


Individual Presentations

Individual presentations consist of a free posing routine.  Competitors pose and choreograph to the music of their choosing to highlight their physique and individual personality.


This round is not scored for final division placements but is used as selection criteria for events that have best poser awards. Props and costumes may be used.



Music should be tasteful with no profanity.



Overall Comparisons

If the division has more than one class, the winners of each class will compete for an overall title. Overall comparisons are conducted in the same manner as judging.





Judging Criteria is based on symmetry, muscularity, conditioning and stage presence.




• 7 judges are required for Pro events.

• Each judge takes all criteria for a category into account and assigns one overall score for each contestant in the form of rank during the group comparison     rounds.

• A highest and lowest rank for each competitor is dropped as a safeguard against human error and/or bias, whether intentional or on a subconscious level.

• The remaining judges' placements are summed, and the competitor with the lowest sum total receives 1st place in the class. Second lowest sum receives 2nd   place, and so on.

• In cases of a tie, competitors ranked higher by the majority of all judges are awarded the higher placements.




PRO Men's Classic Physique

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