International Pro Elite © 2017 Privacy Policy

IPEF TM Pro Eligibility

Once acquired, eligibility for International Pro Elite competition is valid indefinitely as long as current International Pro Elite Pro membership is maintained.


International Pro Elite pro qualifier winners will be considered eligible for any of the same gender categories regardless of which category winning pro eligibility in. Crossovers entries, however, are not permitted between categories at individual events.


Once a competitor participates in an International Pro Elite Pro event, they are no longer eligible to compete in amateur divisions with any International Pro Elite affiliate for the category for which they competed in at the International Pro Elite pro show.


To become eligible for International Pro Elite pro competitions competitors must win a pro qualifying placement at a designated International Pro Elite pro qualifier offered by one of the International Pro Elite's amateur affiliates: WPA (USA), NANBF (USA), UNBA (USA), NFF (USA),NPAA (Canada).  If pro status was attained through another federation, they can apply for International Pro Elite pro status recognition, but supplying information on the qualifying competition and event here:


*Note if eligibility is established through another federation, competitors must adhere to the International Pro Elite drug testing guidelines and purchase an IPE Pro membership.


In order for pros to be eligible to compete in the International Pro Elite World Championships, they must place top half in their class in at least one other International Pro Elite Open or at a Masters (Age 40+) contest earlier in the year.  If someone in the top half has already qualified, the eligibility goes to the next competitor.  If you compete in a World Championship, you are automatically qualified for Worlds for the following year.  Prior World Champions are qualified for life.  


Pro athletes who have won a Pro title in a natural organization in the same calendar year are eligible for IPE Worlds to create a true battle of the champions. IPE membership and is still required and IPE guidelines, rules and regulations apply.


Exceptions to this policy can be made for competitors not residing in the United States.